About Us

As a company business was founded by Hacıoğlu family. It was established in 1986. Belgrade, Serbia in the specialist field of factoring and mining. In 1994 they successfully purchased their first land to mine in Ghana/Africa. In doing so this also opened up a partnership opportunity with Turkey to import and export.

Since 1986, we continue to grow and grow each year. Annually, with a reserve of 9.7 tons. We continue to renew and enlarge our import and export business in precious mineral reserves.

Compete in our globalizing world, but it is possible by applying quality and developing technology. Hacioglu mining,filling this gap in our mining countries, our country finance and mining industry as a pioneer in recognition and reputation and name our country, except that it is the first and threw to sought with signatures. When running 32 years in the industry, our good example. Our company is in the process of restructuring, Africa has taken the steps in 2011.

With this structure, scientific and engineering concepts to the industry in terms of comprehensive solutions and technological applications, mineral sector investors can provide more efficient solutions and permanent benefits. Our company, Ghana and Kenya set up of the precious metal that refined in the country are imports to Turkey with our country. Although an open field production, creativity, there are international rules and ethics. There are also international ethical guidelines in producing mines. This is derived from the ethical rules exceeded precious metal is 4-6% discount to Turkey with reserve. Our financial restructuring 5 continues across the country.



  • 2002 Import Leader
  • 2006 Export and Import Leader
  • 2010 Ecomomic Forum Accra Award
  • 2016 Forbes World 344. Group company World Economic Forum Africa
  • 2018/2019 The Most Valuable Mining Company in Africa.