Fahrettın HACIOGLU

General Menager

Member of TUSIAD
Member of MINING
Member of HRD
Member of IKO
Belgrad RRT University

Fahrettin Hacioglu was born in Surcîn in 12/02/1956. He studied University at Belgrad RRT University. He has cemented his career with valuable awards in many branches.
•Lifetime Honor Awards 1999
•Import Leader 2000
•Hrd Antwerp Honor Awards 2001
•World Miners Association 2002
•Most Valuable Businessman 2007
•Africa Miners Union AMU 2009
•Most Valuable General Manager 2010
•World Economic Forum Africa 2019
Fahrettin Hacioglu has been working as General Manager at Hacioglu Gold Mine since 1988.